5 Easy and Simple Ways Recognise and Eliminate Scarcity Mindset And Start Creating your Abundant Life mindset

Nov 10, 2023
Money Mindset

What is it to have a scarcity mindset in comparison  an abundant mindset . To have a scarcity mindset is more than just to have a negative thought it’s a way of life ,a long line of habits that will make up the personality and the thought process of an individual who will place them self in a lack situation , and these situation can show themselves in several different areas of their life ,for example believing that there is never enough to share or never enough for themselves ,or good things does not happen to them . All this behaviour will derive from a number of factors ,such as from there DNA (there bloodline ) to their social class and environment ,and they will create or adopt their lives to the limited beliefs which will come to form their scarcity mindset ,and it is this mindset that will be seen collectively as there paradigm ,a paradigm that is full of fear ,doubts and no trust in themselves and in most cases others .

On the other had having an abundant mindset is not just the opposite of a scarcity mindset ,it goes beyond saying to one of which the individual will present themselves as BEING  and being this being brings to their life a self-empowerment energy that will rise above what is presented and go to the level of creating what is desired . To have an abundant mindset will incorporate your mind body and soul which works together as one union to create all which is desired my you the individual. You will create your desires from your mind and the actions you take no matter what the actions . An abundant mindset interlocks with the concept of faith in the divine creator and all that is created by him ,all things are seen as having beauty and always fonds its place of being abundant in the universe . An abundant mindset  becomes is a way of life created on the premises of there is an unlimited amount of wealth in this universe and world and no matter who has plenty of financial abundance there is still more than enough for all that exist to receive, and the  strong hold unlimited abundance is based on faith ,faith in the divine creator that he will continue to create more than enough for all nations . And having the abundant mindset means you will be able to access this knowledge of creating from the unlimited source . Some people are fortunate enough to be born with an abundant mindset ,others like myself had to create an abundant mind set in every way, this was due to cultural upbringing and my social class . I had  overcome this scarcity mindset by doing a lot of work on myself image ,and so over the years  I have recreated my self-image several times as I grow in my abundant and beautiful life . Being a personality of abundance and not of scarcity means I embrace growth and learn from events and situation that did not go as I intended . It also means I will circulate money without holding back as I Know money will return to me 100 times fold and my life and all I do is about growth and prosperity , and  today I will continue growing into becoming  a stronger and more self-empowered individual ,that knows there is no scarcity or lack and growth never stops  .  

One common trait that most abundant individuals share is that of making abundant decisions quickly and watch life plays its part in that of decisions of abundance . In addition, I must mention , an  abundant mindset individual  does not have money blocks. An abundant mindset individual does not hesitate to join a good business opportunity when one as presented themselves to him or her  . An abundant mindset person is Loyal to self, and it allows that person be it you or I to  keep your promises  to yourself. However is still open to supporting others .

 Here are 5 Tips to help you let go of Scarcity Mindset quickly and step into an abundant mind set.

1 Focus on the things you want on your life ,not the things you do not want .

I know this may sound simple ,however ,there is a popular saying in the personal development atmosphere ,and it’s basically reminds you that where your attention goes this is where your energy and creativity goes ,so if you want or desire something in your life ,think about how you will acquire  what you want ,never think about the obstacles ,as to do so you are creating a lack mindset ,and this  will possible prevent you from achieving goal  . Your abundant mindset does not want to entertain the doubts and fears and the what if’s ,its job is to seek clarity and take affirmative actions to achieve your goal or heart’s desire . If you have been thinking about buying a car or changing t a new project or career ,you may be doing so for the past 11 months and nothing as happen with your move or your job ,this is because you have a lack mindset .Fear is holding you back and drawing you into procrastination,and possible a truck load of negative 

self-talk, of which in most case will be you feeling you are not good enough or no body likes you ,all this type of talk does is places you or the individual into a paradigm that will just keep rolling over and never hit the jack-pot of the life you desire to create .Keeping focus on your goals and aspirations is a key way to avoid or let go of scarcity mindset . Having the right level of focus on what you desire will put you in a better position of receiving your hearts desires . Do not entertain the thought, for even 1 second that there is not enough money in the world for all of us ,the divine creator and ultimate substance is constantly creating all we need to live a happy life .

Get communicating with abundant minded people and individuals, being in their presence will help you alleviate the scarcity mindset .

They say if a clever person wants something and they don’t know how to get what they want ,they will always seek someone who has done what they want to do . So, if you want to create a more abundant mindset get in with people who are living the abundant life and follow steps of these individuals ,find at least 3 individuals and study their actions and results also look at these background where they were before they accumulate financial wealth . And if you can spend some in person time with them and 

you will see how your attitude will change rapidly ,it is believed that we become more like the 5 people we spend most of our time with ,so ensure you spend time with abundant minded individuals as often as possible.

Take away something good from every situation ,even if it is a situation where you have not gain what you intended.

Creating this way of thinking in your business life and in your personal life , it’s not always going to be a winning situation for you however having an abundant mindset means you will find some good out of the situation ,it may be just a lesson learnt not to do X or Y again in the same way ,this type of thinking will ease any sense of lost as you are not letting go or giving up on what you desire to have ,as you have seen what as happen as , a path to eliminate from  you going forward. If you take a situation where you did not come out on top as I lost or am a looser ,you are thinking from a scarcity mindset , and to change this type of thought you need to be thinking how what I can  have what I desire ,what can  do ,who can support me in this situation ,this an abundant and positive mindset .  Another way to eliminate a scarcity mindset when something is not happening your way ,and you are thinking why this had to happen to me ,I have no luck etc. Instead of saying all these negative things ,take a moment and reflect on how you got to where you are in that present moment ,what were your actions ,who was involved , if it’s a situation where you need to man up and take responsibility for your action and move forward then that is what you need to do ,as taking responsibility for your action is an abundant mindset . An individual with a scarcity mindset will blame others and take no responsibility ,only want to be seen as the victim. A person with a scarcity mindset also  believes that there is no middle ground ,no lesson to be learn just a situation where one person wins and another loses ,and the looser then gives up in anger and frustration ,and this will reign enforce the lack and scarcity personality and habits .

Show daily gratitude in your life for everything even the smallest of things.

Showing gratitude is putting yourself into that happy place where you see the bright side of the coin, or of things happening as you desire them to  in general  . You are giving thanks for all have now and for all you will receive in your future .And all you have now  should motivate you to move forward in a strong way as you have seen what you can achieve  . Gratitude brings you to a positive attitude towards life ,because you are saying thank you universe for wat ever t is you have acquired .  The more you show gratitude the less you will feel lack of what you don’t have , and here is something else that is awesome with gratitude ,the law of gratitude encourages you to also give thanks for that which you have not yet received in the material world, and it will sure come to you in time . So right here you are given a almost certainty that you will achieve or receive what your heart desire ,this one good reason to let go of the scarcity mind set . Keep looking at what you have and be thankful ,but never satisfied ,continue to move towards acquiring more ,however, to acquire this more you should not be coming from a place of lack or scarcity ,as this will only mean you will work in vain as you will only attract more scarcity in your life .

 The very wealth and famous Oprah Winfrey once said “ If you are to look at your life from what you have in your life ,then you will always have more ,however if you look at why you don’t have in life ,you will never have enough ,never will you have the things which you dint have” This brings me to the law of attraction like attracts like ,so if you think lack you attract more lack ,it’s very simple .

I know that at one point or another we will be afraid of not achieving our goals  and  this uncertainty  can 

put you in a place of anxiety ,and during these  moments we may find it difficult to give that daily gratitude . However, it is at our very most fearful and low energy state that the showing of gratitude is needed , the practice of gratitude is one of the most easy and tried and tested wellbeing and mindset reprogram tools available to all ,no cost ,and it is widely recognised and used by millions

.” It’s very difficult to feel fear or sadness while feeling grateful at the same time. Practicing gratitude is one of the most widely recognized methods for improving one’s overall well-being. Being grateful  will most definitely  have a positive impact on your overall wellbeing and outlook on life . There are so many ways to practice gratitude daily, most people will just say  I am grateful for life and whatever else they are grateful for and leave it at that verbally . For me that’s ok ,however I go a little bit further by writing a list of the things am grateful for ,and I will them read them out about ,this way of doing gratitude brings into you a longer lasting effect and impact on keeping out that dark cloud of scarcity mindset . If you decide to write a list ,remember to include the small stuff ,as ts important to remember everything that we have acquired or have given to us by our divine creator

Create a mindset that sees possibilities when things may seem visible impossible .

 Your belief create your mindset ,and when you let go of limiting beliefs and create a mindset of positive possibilities in your financial like ,this positive and abundant way of seeing your life and your finances ,and you will see more opportunities ,more choices ,more options to create abundance ,as your mindset is attracting these things to you ,you get more of what you focus on . It has been scientifically proven that when we focus or narrow our attention  on one thing intensely and consistency  and believe we can do it or just that the thought of the possible that we can do it  ,our belief and energy of possibility brings to life that which our  mind is focus on and believe will happen  . You see we create from our thoughts and emotions ,so to hold on to a scarcity mindset ,is to think lack ,and therefore this way of being or thinking is counter productive to the desire of  financial abundance or abundance of any kind ,abundance can be seen in our lives in many ways ,from relations that are happy ,to an abundance of love and an abundance prosperity . Any type of scarcity thought will block your abundance coming in what ever the desire is ,so release the  scarcity mindset starting today …

Your thoughts create your reality ,if you don’t think you are ready for something ,and your mind is closed you will not accept new ideas to create money ,and finally this universal law does not lie what you believe is what you receive in your life ,the results you get .

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