Nov 10, 2023
Money and You


The subject or topic of money as always been a tricky one ,everyone at some point in there life will have to use money to acquire what they need or desire ,yet the topic of money is so complex ,especially when one desire is to have more of it ,in some communities or culture the desire to have lots of money is taboo, yet it is necessary to live a good life ,that alone is complicated . I often asked myself how this all came about why talking about money is so complex .

The lack of money is a massive issue all by itself ,one of which I am not sure what angle to approach it from, as there is so much lack of money in our world at large . (yet we are all so rich in our spirits ) apparently we are all born rich ,can you believe it ,and if so why are we not embracing money openly without a fuss ,well the answer I discovered for this question is that we all have different paradigms, and it is our paradigms that governs our relationship with money , and apparently our paradigms are pretty much how we live of lives the habits we adopt and some we create in our lives according to culture and traditions and social influences ,pretty much the way we think and live our lives in relation to money etc .

So! it all sounds pretty straight forward what is happening ,why some of us are financially better off than others , and also why some of us love to talk about money ,while others don’t .However if indeed ,things are as straight forward as I am making it appears, then I guess those with a paradigm that is not so open with dealing with money or acquiring money , should be able to just pretty much change their paradigm ,yes I think they can and some so ,and those who have not should do so , what is your thought on this ,comment below , do you think they should change how they have lived in order to create a better life and relationship with money. You already know my opinion on this ,a total transformation should be done over time ,as this energy (money ) is necessary to acquire things which are need to live a good life without limitation and stress ,and you could say we will all be one big happy world family . (this is just wishful thinking ) as I know those fairy tale ending mostly happen in some story books ,here in the world we are living in most people are not even aware of their paradigm or behaviour and relationship with money ,some are even unaware of their natural power to create money in there lives ,yes the fact we are born to create and can create what ever they want , and that includes money as money is a form of energy. I can only assume that the way in which 97% of people live their lives they are pretty happy with their culture as they accept it as there way of life how things are , however they are unhappy with their income and there financial wealth over all , and although they might come into the knowing that if they were to change the way they are relating to money by changing their paradigm ,there life would have a much better chance of acquiring financial wealth ,however from what I have seen in most cases , most individuals are very reluctant to change things as they know it, even if they wanted to as they may be scared as to what others may think of them ,or even worst they may start a revolution an outbreak of people demanding more or demanding all sorts of change in their cultural upbringing .

So how does one who desire to have more money in their life get what they desire especially if they are coming from a place of lack ,however they are unaware they are coming from that place ,difficult I would say ,as its easier to change something when you are aware it needs changing ,father than when you are not aware it even exists .

So! What is the solution here ,I would say they have to find out for themselves that they are different from those people who have acquired wealth ,and not a difference just in the balance of there bank account ,but a different that shows their relationship with money and there thought process when it comes to money . When this is clearly highlighted to them ,they will then be able to move to letting go of there old way of living and thinking about money ,let go of their old relationship with money and step into a path of creating a new relationship with money .


You see ! individuals whom are not open to communicate effectively with it comes to money ,in most cases they do not have a healthy money relationship ,this what I call the love ,hate relationship with money ,today they are loved up with money if its present and sometimes does not even have to be plentiful ,just present .However the moment money is not visible and ready for use ,anger kicks in towards its absence ,distress attitude ,fear that it will not return or when will it return ,all this is negative emotions towards money and will only encourage money to stay away . The lack and non-trusting of money to return is driving money further and further way . Just imagine money as a person that is loved by a family and for whatever reason money is no longer present ,would it be right to be so negative towards that person ,I would say no, it would not be right to treat a person so badly in their absence and yet show so much love when they are present and having fun with you . To worry if they are coming back and do nothing is not showing love to this person or money ,to see there whereabout and find a way to brig them back home is a way of showing love and desire to have them in your life . To wonder if they are ever coming back when you have found there whereabout and choosing not to seek a way to have them return ,is giving the indication you are feeling abandoned by that person and by money . Our thoughts create out outcome, so all this negative thought and no action is keeping money away and that person whom you  love dearly. 

So, to have more money in your life and allow it to stay you would indeed need to change your paradigm ,however what do you need to change exactly . Here are few habits I believe you would need to change to create a good or better relationship with money .

 1 .Your outlook on money which is your MINDSET

You maybe spending a lot of time trying different ways to earn money online or off line ,however the money hamster wheel is just not turning ,what is slowing you down or stopping you is your mindset .For example ,if you are watching what others are doing and seeing they are making money and you are in a rush to get your share ,you will never have any ,as the rush you are in is a sign of lack ,you are thinking money will run out and you will not get your share to be mega wealth . Start paying attention to money and see things will start to change for you . If you have ever felt like there is never enough money in your account  and everything is just too  expensive  to buy ,even when you have these money ,you do not have a good relationship with money as you fear money not being there ,so you prevent money from doing what it as come in your life to do ,which is to deserve you ,to provide for your needs. This here is a scarcity mindset ,be respectful to your money however do not hold onto money if you have a genuine need to spend . You may want to grab a copy of STEVEN COVEY BEST SELLING BOOK THE SEVEN HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE -to add affiliate link here .

When you have a scarcity mindset you will always be worrying about money coming in and going out ,even the act of paying your own build you may find difficult to do ,having a scarcity mindset especially of your desire for financial wealth is great ,means you will have huge number of difficulties in acquiring any substantial amount of financial wealth and keep it.

I had a scarcity mindset however I must say  I was never one to be- grudge paying others what I owe or paying my bills ,I give myself as an example as scarcity mindset will show up in many forms ,mine was not feeling I was deserving of an abundance of financial wealth and for me this meant I did not have a good relationship with money

as I was not embracing the energy of money in my life ,I was instead pushing it away and creating lack ,but making she I had just enough for all I needed ,over time I found out what I was doing was due to my mindset and paradigm and it took me a while to develop what is now a great relationship with money as my mindset is now infinite abundance . What I was doing min my relationship with money was truly not supporting my wellbeing .


2.Secondly you will need to Let Go of All Past Negative experience you have with money

Yes, we all have good and bad memories when it comes to our spending habits ,however most people seem to hold on to the negative memories and experiences ,it could be because the interpretation of the experience as caused a trauma emotion to come into existence . Trauma brings fear in us ,and this fear can come from several experiences with money ,sometimes as far back as childhood experiences ,and this as over time created a non-trusting love hate relationship with money in several ways . Letting go of money traumas  is a massive part of creating a new relationship with money  and allowing yourself to do so will mean you are open to start a new pathway to create financial abundance from a health money relationship perspective . Have money traumas is very common however most people are unaware they have these traumas ,these fears hen it comes to money .

These traumas can be in several way ,it does not always have to be a lot of physical money ,it can be that you wanted say a pair of trainers or a dress or a suit to go to the prom or the school fair and your parents could not afford to get you the one you wanted or get you any at all ,so you missed your own prom or school fair .

This can create in some individuals a negative experience which when internalise will create a traumatic emotion attached to the experience ,then when this experience is recalled the individual feel a huge sense of lack and underserving of wealth ,to carry any feeling of un-deservingness towards money will block you having a good relationship with money . 


3.Thirdly you just let go of your fear of not having money ,as I explained in the above ,that fear is a big sign of lack and non-trusting towards money and will only push money away from you . The need to let go of your fear that money will not come ,or money will go  as to be fully addressed in order to have a great relationship with money .

The fear you create in your mind is only in your mind ,however as it is impressed upon your subconscious mind the fear becomes real as whatever you impressed upon your subconscious mind by doing it r thinking it often you will create as your subconscious mind cannot tell if it’s the truth or not so ,things will happen in your life to give you the result if what you fear ,which is that you will be broke for ever just barely surviving ,this mindset or chain of thought as to be immediately erased in order to create a good relationship .


 When fear kicks in most individuals become crippled to take action , do not be crippled by fear of not having money . If you are unsure where your relationship stands with money ,or to make it simple what type of relationship you have with money ,the CLICK THE LINK AND DISCOVER YOUR MONEY RELATIONSHIP TYPE .




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